Christine Hinwood
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An intense story of love, loss and turmoil in the aftermath of war. A first novel by a uniquely talented author.

Vivid, compassionate and totally absorbing, Bloodflower follows the fortunes of young Cam Attling and all those whose fates entwine with his. x

Cam has a hunger, an always-hunger; it drives him from home, to war, from north to south. When he returns from war alone - all his fellow soldiers slain - suspicion swirls around him. He's damaged in body and soul, yet he rides a fine horse and speaks well of his foes. What has he witnessed? Where does his true allegiance lie? How will life unfold for his little sister, his closest friend, his betrothed, his community, and even the enemy Lord who maimed him?

With extraordinary insight and literary skill, Hinwood weaves their stories to create a tale of romance, adventure and everyday life in croft and manor house and castle. Her style is unique. Her characters will hijack your heart.

'I can't tell you how much I loved this novel. I cried through the whole of the last chapter from the sheer beauty of these characters and their world.' Melina Marchetta

Author bio:

Christine Hinwood was born in England and grew up mostly in Australia, but also in England and America. She's always written. When she was very small, she used to sit and make up stories in her head while cuddling her security blanket; she called it 'having a thought', then, and told people she'd have to talk to them after she'd finished it. Christine studied Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT in Melbourne. Bloodflower is her first novel.

Category: Children's
ISBN: 9781741754711
Awards: Shortlisted Michael L Printz Awards (under US title 'The Returning') 2012 US
Publisher: A&U Children's
Imprint: A & U Children
Pub Date: June 2009
Page Extent: 324
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 16 - 18
Subject: Children's, Teenage & educational