Storm Witch

Ellen Renner
AUD $14.99

Storm-bringer. Storm-rider. Storm-queller. Storm has powers that no one, not even the island Elders, can understand.

Storm opened her eyes and saw a green-blue world. Rainbow fish chased each other through forests of seaweed. Fingers of rock pierced the weed, threatening. She arched her back, pointed her arms skyward. The momentum of the dive swept her half-circle and up, back towards the skin between sea and air. Maybe this time all would be well...

Child of Air, Water, Earth or Fire: now that she is thirteen Storm must undertake The Choosing and be claimed by one of the Elementals, which will determine her whole life's work. But for Storm, daughter of a father murdered by Water and a warrior mother claimed by Earth, there will be no easy destiny.

The Elementals bestow her with a great and terrible gift. Storm-bringer. Storm-rider. Storm-queller. Storm has powers that no one, not even the island Elders, can understand. And when the Drowned Ones - a savage band of pirates who roam the seas on floating towns - attack her island, will her powers help her to save the people she loves, or is her fate to betray everything she holds dear? Soon Storm faces a decision that will change her life - and that of everyone who lives on her island - forever.

A powerful new fantasy series from Ellen Renner, prize-winning author of Tribute and Castle of Shadows.

Author bio:

Ellen Renner was born in the Ozarks mountains of Missouri. She decided to become a writer when her fourth grade teacher, Mrs Ormsby, read Charlotte's Web to the class one spring afternoon. Reading about other people and places made her want to travel, and Ellen first came to England in her twenties. She originally trained as a painter and surrounds herself with sketches of her characters as she writes. She spins wool as well as stories, plays the violin, fences (badly!) and is a keen motorcyclist.
Her first book, Castle of Shadows, won the Cornerstones Wow Factor Competition and the North East Book Award. It and the sequel, City of Thieves, were chosen for the London Times' Best Children's Books of 2010. Ellen is the author of YA fantasy Tribute (2014) and Outcaste (2015), as well as the Flip Flop Club series of books for 8-12 year-olds (as Ellen Richardson).

Category: Children's fiction
ISBN: 9780857636409
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Imprint: Nosy Crow
Pub Date: September 2018
Page Extent: 304
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 9 - 12
Subject: Children's fiction