Storymaze 3: The Wooden Cow

Terry Denton
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The third book in Terry Denton's crazy Storymaze series is as hilarious as its predecessors. This time our Ithacan heroes use Ancient Greek mythology to help Ulysses win the heart of the Queen of Friesia.

347 Things You Don't Want to Know About THE WOODEN COW:

347. It is a book.

346. It is part novel, part COMIC STRIP.

345. Parts of it are funny.

344. It has PAGE NUMBERS.

343. It is made of recycled WOOD.

342. It is about people who hide inside a wooden cow, which is whole lot less messy than hiding inside a real cow.

341. It is for smart people like you who know that the whole world is made of WOOD.

340. Even the trees.

339. And the ocean . it is made of very wet wood.

338. It is for people who like burgers made out of genuine HAGGIS.

337. Which is made from genuine sheep intestines and other weird stuff.

336. Which is made of WOOD.

335. And so are you.

334. Go away.

Author bio:

Terry Denton has illustrated many popular and funny books, including the hilarious Just series by Andy Griffiths and Duck for Cover, Spooner or Later and Freeze a Crowd by Paul Jennings and Ted Greenwood. His own books include the madly inventive Storymaze and Gasp! series. In his Wombat and Fox books, Terry's idiosyncratic sense of humour shines through, this time directed to a younger audience.

Category: Children's fiction
ISBN: 9781865087832
Awards: Terry Denton has won the CBC Book of the Year award won, has been shortlisted over many categories and has been awarded countless YABBA and children's choice awards around Australia. 0
Publisher: A&U Children's
Imprint: A & U Children
Pub Date: September 2002
Page Extent: 120
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 8 - 12
Subject: Children's fiction