Think Smart, Hazel Green!

Odo Hirsch
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A funny, heart-warming, beautifully shaped story in which Hazel Green and her logical friend, the Yak, set out on another mission for justice, this time trying to find a way for Mr Volio the baker to stay when the new owner of his shop won t renew his lease.

Ohh, a Chocolate Dipper! Toffee, caramel, strawberry, cinnamon, chocolate . Hazel took a bit of the pastry, closed her eyes, and let the flavours fill her senses.

Suddenly she opened her eyes again. If Mr Volio was forced to leave, there would be no more Chocolate Dippers. No more Strawberry Combers, no more Caramel Crunches. No more anything.

And if Mr Volio left, well, there would be no more Mr Volio, and that would be the worst thing of all!

When Hazel Green s favourite baker, Mr Volio, is told that he has to leave his shop, it looks as if nothing can save him . until Hazel gets on the case! Even if it means matching wits with Mr Flite, the sinister lawyer, Hazel won t back down. But the law is the law. With the Yak, Marcus Bunn and the other Moodey kids, Hazel will have to be extra smart to save Mr Volio and the delicious pastries that he bakes.

Another scrumptious Hazel Green story from Odo Hirsch.

Author bio:

Odo Hirsch was born in Australia where he studied medicine and worked as a doctor. He is now a business strategy consultant based in London. His books for children are favourites with young and old and have been translated into several languages.

Category: Children's fiction
ISBN: 9781741141108
Awards: Commended, CBCA Book of The Year, Younger Readers, 2004
Short-listed, APA Designer Awards, Hodder Headline Best Designed YA Book, 2000
Short-listed, NSW Premier's Literary Awards, 2001
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: A & U Children
Pub Date: October 2003
Page Extent: 252
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Children's fiction

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