The Big Picture Book of Human Civilisation

John Long
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With stunning images and a child-friendly text based on the latest scientific research, the award-winning author of The Big Picture Book sets out the biggest milestones in human history since the last great Ice Age.

In words and pictures, this book maps the great advances and crises of human history from 20 000 years ago to now. Read about the first sculptures and paintings, first cultivated crops, new hunting methods, the earliest city, grand temples and pyramids, the taming of cats and dogs, a sudden mini Ice Age. Find out who were the great Arab thinkers of the Middle Ages, when bubonic plague struck, which scientist discovered electricity, what a hadron collider does, and lots more!

Dr John Long is Head of Sciences at Museum Victoria. A previous publication, The Big Picture Book, won a Wilderness Society award and an award for Excellence in Educational Publishing, and was shortlisted for a Children's Book Council of Australia award. He has also wrote The Big Picture Book of Environments.

Author bio:

John Long began collecting fossils when he was seven and he found his first dinosaur bones near Inverloch, Victoria, when he was a university student. Since then he has travelled around the world on fossil expeditions.

John now lives in Melbourne with his wife Heather, and one of his favourite hobbies is martial arts - he has a black belt in karate!

John is Head of Sciences at Museum Victoria.

Category: Children's non-fiction
ISBN: 9781741757002
Awards: Short-listed Australian Educational Publishing Awards, Primary Library Book Category 2010 AU
Publisher: A&U Children's
Imprint: A & U Children
Pub Date: August 2009
Page Extent: 48
Format: Hard Cover
Age: 8 - 12
Subject: Children's non-fiction

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