Dinosaur Dig!

Penny Dale
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A fantastic picture book that combines a little boy's two favourite things: dinosaurs and machines!

Dinosaur Dig! has everything that gets small boys excited - diggers, dinosaurs and dirt plus a bit of counting thrown in for good measure. Bursting with energy and noise and with a splashy, surprising ending, it's an absolute riot of a book.

Author bio:

Penny Dale is an internationally-known, best-selling children's book artist and author and has sold more than 4 million books, with editions in over 20 languages. Her much-loved picture book Ten in the Bed sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Her other titles have also met with great success and include Wake Up My B!, which was commended for the Kate Greenaway Medal 1988 and Rosie's Babies (written by Martin Waddell), which won the Best Book for Babies award and was also shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1990.

Category: Picture books
ISBN: 9780857630872
Edition No: 1
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Imprint: Nosy Crow
Pub Date: August 2011
Page Extent: 32
Format: Hard Cover
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Picture books

Teachers reviews

If you like dinosaurs, you will love this book. If you like big machines, you will love this book. And if you love words, you will fall in love with Dinosaur Dig! Your Word Wall will explode with life. Not only is Dinosaur Dig! a counting book, but it is also a wonderful celebration of verbs and nouns and adjectives and glorious onomatopoeia. The whole class will enjoy crashing and clunking, splooshing and splashing as a team of dinosaurs build...a big surprise! The dinosaurs are working co-operatively to achieve something they all can enjoy together.

Dinosaur Dig! is both written and illustrated by Penny Dale and, if you have seen her work before, you will know that she loves colour. The book certainly has colour, as well as energy and humour. Spot the cheeky Megalosaurus who perfers having fun to real work! And an enthusiastic Allosaurus who is in on all the action! And just to cement the fun, the endpapers name all the featured dinosaurs as well as all the big machines. A fantastic book for 3 to 8 year olds – and this one will especially engage the little boys in your classroom.
Jo McDougall, Geelong, Victoria

The success of this picture book lies in the combination of two favourite topics of boys – dinosaurs and construction vehicles. The metaphorical way that Dale has linked them gives you a lot of scope to discuss the features of both with children. When my boys saw the cover of this book, which features a T-Rex driving a digger, their eyes lit up and they screamed for me to read it. Penny Dale has set this book out well, with a reference to all the dinosaurs in the opening page/inside cover and the construction vehicles are similarly labelled on the last page, inside back cover. She has utilised bright, vibrant colours to engage young readers with a lot of action pictures. The text involves a lot of repetition, which is ideal for a young reader and sound words to engage their imagination. As an adult reader, I found her text lacking engagement but my sons loved it and after a few reads from me could recite it. The use of alliteration is effective and gives interesting sounds when reading aloud for children. It is a counting book up to ten and this gives the added feature of teaching them numeracy.
This book is perfect for young children that love dinosaurs and construction vehicles. It is a fun read aloud book that will provide special moments with children. It’s a perfect inclusion for your class library collection or as a gift for a young child.
Peter Bond, NSW

“Let’s go on a dinosaur dig,” I say to the class as we hurry outside. The class begins to look into the play dough eggs I’ve moulded and they start to break them open and collect the ‘baby’ dinosaurs from inside. The class hurries to the cave I’ve made out of sheets and show me what they have found. I then begin to read Dinosaur Dig! The class are very still and quiet and are taken in by the bright colourful pictures, boldly written words and of course the dinosaurs. This is a great counting book all about dinosaurs and how they dig together to make a pool. Children are introduced to Triceratops, Megalosaurus, Baryonyx, Styracosaurus, T-rex, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Allosaurus, Deinonychus and Iguadon. The children were pointing to the dinosaurs and trying to say their names and guess what they were making. The book also introduces machinery too such as a concrete pumper, water tanker, loader, roller and a few more. So there is lots going on, which is great for 5 year olds as it keeps them excited about the book. This is a great book for all sorts of reasons, counting, to talk about dinosaur or machinery but most of all it brings fun back into the classroom. I loved this book, my kids at home loved this book too. I would recommend this book to any teacher who has budding dinosaur hunters or eager 5 year olds that love fun stories.
Claire Evans, Chancellor Park World of Learning, Queensland

The Dinosaur Dig! picture book is a fun page turner with captive characters any young dinosaur keen reader will enjoy. The book is a good size for small hands and the print size is also best for a young reader.  The audience is directed towards a 6-8 reader but any age would enjoy reading it with a young reader. The story tells of the believable activity around a construction site, with a fun ending. The text is repetitive making it very easy to read and each page is beautifully sequenced.
The book suits a shared reading and the author has added a few humorous points to make this more enjoyable and fun such as the choice of the title, the reversed character roles and the realistic detail of the machinery. Using the pages on the inside cover to illustrate more information make it a great teaching and learning text as well. It is a very colourful picture book; the illustrations show a mixture of paint, colour-pencil, pastel and crayon.

Before reading: Some interest in the subjects of dinosaurs and machines may enhance the readability of the text. During reading: The text could be read to a younger reader by a more mature reader. After reading: Using the action words found throughout the text could enable and encourage the young reader to increase his or her ability to read other texts independently. Try going to some websites: http://www.kidsdinos.com (21/08/11)
H. Latimer, Lakemba Public School, NSW

This hardback is a creative and fun early childhood counting book. Beautifully animated colourful illustrations and moving text convey a collection of diverse dinosaurs cooperating to build a mystery object...the last page reveals an elaborate pool. Younger children will take pleasure joining in with the ‘doing’ (Dig! Dig! Dig!) and ‘noise’ words (Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!). They will enjoy trying to guess what the dinosaurs are doing. The assorted dinosaurs, the different kinds of truck and digger, coupled with the detail in the illustrations will keep them gazing. The end papers will be a source of interest for children, particularly boys, who like dinosaurs and trucks. Trying to read and recognise the ‘big words’ labels on these papers, will also keep the word enthusiasts engaged. This is a lively book, which should be enjoyed by pre-school and Prep children alike.
Caren Wyngaard, Victoria