Press Here

Herve Tullet
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The single touch of a finger sparks a whimsical dance of colour and motion in this joyful celebration of the power of the imagination.

Press here.

That's right. Just press the yellow dot. And turn the page.

This irresistible picture book is ideal for sharing with children and has created a sensation worldwide.

Author bio:

Herve Tullet was born in 1958. After completing his studies in Visual Arts and Fine Arts, he held the position of Artistic Director for ten years (1981-1992). He then worked in communication and advertising. In 1990, he produced his first illustrations for the French press and abroad (Elle, Le Monde, Liberation, Enfants Magazine, etc.) and in 1994 published his first children's book. Since then he's devoted himself to illustrating and painting. A great lover of children's literature, he is father to two young sons and one daughter, who never fail to inspire him.

Category: Children's
ISBN: 9781742375281
Publisher: A&U Children's
Imprint: A & U Children
Pub Date: April 2011
Page Extent: 56
Format: Hard Cover
Age: 2 - 6
Subject: Children's, Teenage & educational

Teachers reviews

Into a world bombarded with electronic media, into the era of ebooks and Kindle, comes a fresh, simple but brilliant concept from French author/illustrator Hervé Tullet. Not since Harold wandered over paper pages with his famous purple crayon have we seen a book that so succinctly captures the essence of childhood imagination. The narrator speaks directly to his young audience, inviting them to press dots, turn pages, shake the book, clap their hands. Every action is rewarded with a reaction – dots move, change colour and even increase in size. This is a fantastic procedural text for early childhood education. With its sturdy cardboard covers, the book is up to all the poking, prodding, shaking, reading and rereading it will receive from a classroom of little hands. The colours are pure, bright primaries – until the dots grow, merge and we see what happens when red blends with yellow, when yellow meets blue. Perfect for small groups of 3 to 8 year olds, Press Here will engage children visually and physically and will bring some magic into your classroom.
Jo McDougall, NT

This book is “full of magic” was the response of my 6 and 4 year old grandsons. What an absolute delight to share this book with them. Not only was it about following simple instructions, learning left from right and being able to blow lightly and harder, but the interactions were followed by amazement as eyes lit up once the result of their actions was seen on the next page. Press Here would be great to share with an individual, or small groups – even with a larger group – but for the child who can’t sit still for a story, this is the ideal book. Children learn their primary colors and what happens when these colors intermix later in the book. There was so much learning on so many levels, and all of it fun – a VERY necessary ingredient. In an age where children are accustomed to interactive computer games, it was refreshing to enjoy the interactive style of this book. Highly recommended and a fun way to learn to follow instructions.
Jan Vincent, Wangaratta, VIC

Hervé Tullet has written a book to give a preschooler a wonderful journey filled with imagination and laughs. His incredible hands-on approach will ensure that this book is not one to languish, unloved on a bookshelf, but will be called for again and again. The shared experiences between the reader and the child are simple yet highly effective. With a preschool aged audience and a clever reader ready with pertinent comments, children will truly believe that they are responsible for the movement of the dots from page to page. Positional terms are introduced with an easy check system. The colours are deliberately kept simple at the start and stay that way for most of the text. This allows for repetition of colour names for our ever inquisitive junior readers. To acknowledge the superior understanding of some older and more worldly preschoolers, Tullet experiments with colour blending towards the end of the text. How much fun would this be for our readers to emulate? Many other examples of learning opportunities are introduced. Tullet’s use of precise verbs – rub – and his introduction to adverbs – [how to rub?] gently, instil a great excitement in me as a teacher. Our children will be so used to hearing these brilliant examples of parts of speech, without actually naming them as such, that it should be a revisitation of old friends when they are taught about their names at school. I can see this book being used equally much at home and at preschool. The interaction between reader and audience provides a parent or a teacher with the ideal chance to grow closer to the child and give all participants an amazing journey.
Jenny Cousens, Hercules Road State School, QLD

What a special but ever-so-simple book that will bring any pre-prep to life and put a smile on their mum’s or teacher’s face, as they respond with delight to the changes that happen when they follow simple instructions. Press Here is a procedural text with very simple illustrations that magically change as the child completes a given task. Children will learn lots of basics from this book, such as, right from left, colours, counting and how to follow instructions. Here’s something different, use this book for an interactive assessment for preschoolers or even Year 1 students. Just read through the book with them for a first time and see if they can: count to ten by 1s or 2s; show you odd and even numbers — circle with your finger an odd/even number of dots; know their primary colours by following the instructions — tap the yellow dot 5 times; understand ordinal numbers by picking - what colour is the 5th dot and recognising the secondary colours by telling you — what two colours are making the dot change to purple/green. For the bright little buttons get them to count to 60 by 1s or 2s — last page. Parents and teachers will love this book because children are interacting with a book instead of a computer screen and very young children will love this book because they will think they have the magic touch.
Heazle Shore, QLD

This is an interesting book – basically made up of dots and coloured patterns. I have reviewed using different ages as I thought this might help perspective purchasers. A 4 year old boy was completely captivated by it. It was great for counting, colour recognition, listening skills and following instructions. He was able to use prediction skills and came up with a huge number of imaginative ideas as to what might happen next. He wanted me to read it again and again and genuinely seemed to really enjoy it. However I was a bit concerned at the pages which required him to blow on the page as to how much spit the book could handle and can imagine that the pages would end up pretty tatty before too long!

A 6 year old girl also loved the book she enjoyed being able to interact with it and felt like she was magically making the pages change. She was amazed and only a little bit sceptical of her powers! I could see the excitement build as the pages went on and she was also keen for me to read it many times. She was able to read most of the book by herself, which she also loved.

An 8 year old girl enjoyed listening to the book the first time but in her own words said “it’s not really magical though, is it.” She thought it was a fun book but at the end when it asks if you would like to do it all over again her response was “do I have to?”! Clearly a book rated at the 2 – 6 year old age range!
I am sure that junior teachers would get a lot of use out of it as well as ESOL teachers and Special Needs staff.
Claire Cheeseman, Summerland Primary School, New Zealand

“Press the yellow dot” I tell the class. All the hands raise up and the group is full of smiles. “Clap your hands once.” Yes please, the whole group is clapping really loud...The children really enjoyed interacting with the book. We sat in a circle as a group and everyone had a turn at pressing the dots. The class laughed when the dots disappeared as if the lights were turned out, and when they appeared again they all clapped. The bright coloured circles and simple layout really interested the children. We were clapping, tipping the book upside down and on its side and taking turns at pressing dots. This book is so clever as it focuses on imagination, colours, hand and eye co-ordination and self interaction. We have been talking about colours, so this book as fitted in perfectly with our topic. This is a fantastic book. I was so impressed that such a simple yet colourful and creative book could keep the children of class intrigued and focussed for group time.
Claire Evans, Chancellor Park World of Learning, QLD

This new release by brilliant French artist Hervé Tullet is one of those books you just have to pick up off the shelf and touch immediately. With great excitement I pressed the yellow button on the front cover and waited for the fun to begin. When I turned the page I was transported into a dotty world filled with explicit instructions and a surprise on every page. I love how this book invites children to enjoy the simple things in life and to tap into their own creativity and imagination. Through simply pushing a dot, tapping a dot and rubbing the dots gently with their fingers, children are given the freedom to play and explore the book at their own leisure. My Prep children found this book so engaging and they loved taking turns to read the story and use their fingers to follow the set instructions. We even thought about how we could act out parts of the story eg: tap in the air with your magic finger 5 times. With Hervé Tullet around, who needs computer games to keep children amused for hours?
Rhiannon Neate, Don Bosco Primary School, Narre Warren, VIC

This is a truly wonderful book to be enjoyed by children of all ages. The idea is simple, a series of yellow, red and blue dots, with a set of instructions. I sat down and followed the instructions and enjoyed turning the pages to see what would emerge on the next page. Page one begins with an instruction ‘Press here and turn the page’. So I pressed and turned the page. My one yellow dot had become two yellow dots. The instructions continue. As I pressed, rubbed, tapped, shook, shook harder, tilted and clapped, the dots on each page changed colour, moved, slid off the page and multiplied. All very exciting! This is definitely a great book to enjoy with children of all ages. I haven’t tried it out on my classes yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so. The book gives the illusion of being magic. Younger children will be in awe, older children will enjoy the cleverness of this simple yet cleverly executed book.
Caren Wyngaard, Mountain District Christian School, VIC

What a delightful and ingenious book. It is a must for grandparents, parents, special aunts and anyone who has the opportunity to share a book with a little person. It is best read and appreciated with individuals or small groups where the happy recipients can follow the instructions and interact with the pages. In fact I cannot wait for my little person to grow up enough to be able to share this story with them. Press Here is most fittingly titled as once you begin the journey through the text and press the dots, a myriad of things happen. One press leads to another as the dots tumble and slide all over the pages. This book is about following instructions, developing conceptual language and plays with the imagination. It is an interactive book that has no texture or noises to keep the reader interested; simply brightly coloured dots that play with your mind as you seemingly move them, hide them and enlarge them about the pages. It is everything a picture story book should be…so simple, so clever and so enticing…Go on, press the yellow dot!
Sue Johnston, Eltham North Primary School, VIC