Bad Attitudes

Richard Eyre
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A compelling record of ten years at the heart of British cultural life by the Director of The Royal National Theatre

During the ten years from 1987 to 1997 that he was the director of the Royal National Theatre Richard Eyre kept a diary- a record that disarmingly captured a life at the heart of British cultural and political affairs. The powerful and the famous inevitably strut and fret upon its pages, but National Service is also a moving personal journey, charted faithfully by a fiercely self-aware and frequently self-doubting individual.

The job of grappling with a giant three-headed monster as complex as the Royal National Theatre is laid before us. So are good gossip, brilliant insights into personalities and relationships and a sense of the ridiculous, which Eyre is powerless to suppress. Like other consummate diarists such as Alan Clarke and Kenneth Tynan, Richard Eyre has a voice and point of view that jolt the reader into fresh understanding- and are instantly compelling.

Author bio:

Sir Richard Eyre was the Artistic Director of The Royal National Theatre for ten years. He has directed numerous classic and new plays and films- most recently IRIS- and is the author of Utopia and Other Places and co-author of Changing Stages and of Iris: A Screenplay

Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9780747565918
Edition No: 1
Publisher: Bloomsbury UK
Imprint: Bloomsbury
Pub Date: August 2003
Page Extent: 192
Format: Book
Subject: Fiction & related items


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