End of Summer

Anders de la Motte
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The first in a new standalone series from bestselling and award-winning author Anders de la Motte set in Southern Sweden

You can always go home. But you can never go back . . .

Summer 1983: Four-year-old Billy chases a rabbit in the fields behind his house. But when his mother goes to call him in, Billy has disappeared. Never to be seen again.

Today: Veronica is a bereavement counsellor. She's never fully come to terms with her mother's suicide after her brother Billy's disappearance. When a young man walks into her group, he looks familiar and talks about the trauma of his friend's disappearance in 1983. Could Billy still be alive after all this time?

Needing to know the truth, Veronica goes home - to the place where her life started to fall apart. Is she prepared for the answers that wait for her there?

Author bio:

ANDERS DE LA MOTTE made his debut in 2010 with Game, a novel which won the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers' First Book Award. De la Motte, a former police officer, went on to win another Swedish Academy of Crime Writers' Award for Best Crime Novel of the year with his second series, Ultimatum. Published in Sweden in 2016, End of Summer is the first standalone insalment of the bestselling and suspenseful new crime fiction series that has taken Sweden by storm.

Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9781785768231
Publisher: Bonnier
Imprint: Zaffre
Pub Date: September 2020
Page Extent: 400
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Fiction & related items


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