Morning Tide

Neil M. Gunn
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A lyrical and poignant novel Morning Tide describes how a young boy learns to become a man.

Twelve-year-old Hugh MacBeth lives in a small fishing village near Caithness at the end of the nineteenth century. He is becoming aware of his mother's worries that he and his brother will follow their father to sea, and is becoming to realise that the fishing industry is doomed to decline, a decline that will result in the death of his village.

A lyrical and poignant novel Morning Tide describes how a young boy learns to become a man. It is a poetic testimony to the intensity of feeling in physical experience, the touch of the earth and the coldness of the sea, and in the need to be free. Sensitivity and wildness are pitted against the restrictions of family and social life, and it is more than a complete picture of childhood; unfolding into a set of values that speaks powerfully to the present.

Author bio:

Neil M. Gunn was born in 1891, the son of a fishing boat skipper. He worked in the Excise Service until 1937 before becoming a full-time writer. He was a founder member of the Scottish National Party and is recognised as one of Scotland's greatest writers of the twentieth century.

Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9780285622012
Publisher: Profile Books
Imprint: Souvenir Press
Pub Date: July 1993
Page Extent: 256
Format: Paperback
Subject: Fiction & related items


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