The Devil's Half Mile

Paddy Hirsch
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Golden Hill and Hamilton the Musical meet Gangs of New York in this sweeping historical crime drama set in 18th century New York.

New York, 1799: Justy Flanagan, lawyer, soldier, policeman, has returned to his native city, bloodied and battered after fighting in the Irish Rebellion against the English. Determined to hunt down the man who murdered his father, his inquiries lead him to Wall Street and the fledgling stock market there.

But as his investigations into the past move ahead, the horrific murders of young slave women in the present start to occupy his time. Convinced that there is a link between his father's murder, the deaths of the young women, and a massive fraud that nearly destroyed New York's economy, Justy can trust no one.

As the conspiracy deepens, it becomes clear that those involved will stop at nothing to keep their secrets. Justy is forced to choose: will he betray his father's memory, compromise his integrity, and risk the lives of his closest friends, to get to the bottom of a tale so dangerous, it could change the landscape of America forever?

Author bio:

Paddy Hirsch was expansively (and expensively) educated in Dublin and Belfast. Had he managed to get in Trinity College, all might have been different, but instead he took a place at the University of Warwick, where he played rugby and founded the University's Irish Society. He started his journalism career in Hong Kong after a short stint in the military, and spent the next few years working in news in East and Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. From there to America, where he covered various aspects of Wall Street's carry-on for a variety of American and European news outlets. He lives in Los Angeles now, but makes frequent trips back across the Atlantic to fill up on good stout and proper bacon. And to see family, of course.

Category: Crime & Mystery
ISBN: 9781786493507
Publisher: Atlantic
Imprint: Corvus
Pub Date: July 2018
Page Extent: 300
Format: Book
Subject: Crime & mystery