Love Will Tear Us Apart

Holly Seddon
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The third psychological thriller from the author of the bestselling Try Not to Breathe and Don't Close Your Eyes: Are the vows of marriage really that strong?

Kate and Paul have been married for ten years. Childhood best friends who reconnected as adults, Paul now has a high-flying job while Kate looks after their two adorable children. Their friends think they're the perfect couple. Everything should be wonderful.

But Kate has a secret. One she's sure Paul doesn't know. Because if he did, would he really love her as much as he says he does? Or would he decide that their life together isn't worth the vow he made all those years ago...?

Author bio:

Holly Seddon is a full time writer, living slap bang in the middle of Amsterdam with her husband James and a house full of children and pets. Holly has written for newspapers, websites and magazines since her early 20s after growing up in the English countryside, obsessed with music and books. Her first novel, Try Not to Breathe, was published worldwide in 2016 and became a national and international bestseller. Her second novel, Don't Close Your Eyes, was published in July 2017.

Category: Popular fiction
ISBN: 9781786495068
Publisher: Atlantic
Imprint: Corvus
Pub Date: June 2018
Page Extent: 352
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Romance