The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted

Bridget Asher
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A gorgeous, moving story about love and hope in the face of loss, in which a small house in the French southern countryside is rumoured to be responsible for mending hearts since WWII.

Every good love story has another love hiding within it.

Brokenhearted, still mourning the loss of her husband, Heidi travels with Abbott, her troubled eight-year-old son, and Charlotte, her intolerably jaded sixteen-year-old niece, to spend the summer repairing their family home in a small village in the south of France.

The rundown stone house in Provence has been in the family for generations and is the centre of a lovely myth. The family tells and retells stories of the magical properties entwined around the old stones - in many different ways, this house has healed broken hearts and made miracles happen.

There, thousands of miles from home, Charlotte makes a shocking confession, and Heidi learns the truth about her mother's 'lost summer' -- a time Heidi and her sister had learned not to ask about many years ago.

As three generations collide with one another, with the neighbour next door, who seems to know all their family secrets, and with an enigmatic Frenchman, they'll journey through love, loss, and healing amid the lavender fields, warm winds, and the delicious pistou soup of Provence.

Praise for Bridget Asher's Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted

'Unabashedly romantic and unafraid of melancholy, Asher's book is a real charmer about a Provencal house that casts spells over the lovelorn.'- Kirkus Reviews

'An enchantment of a book, woven out of Bridget Asher's tenderness toward her characters, her love of the French countryside, and a gentle faith in possibilities. I madly, madly, madly loved this book!'- Barbara O'Neill, author of How to Bake a Perfect Life

'An absorbing, beautifully written tale about life, death, love, food, and the magic of new possibilities.'- J. Courtney Sullivan, author of Commencement

'A sumptuous exploration of how grief, love, and joy, when stirred just right, ferry us home to the people and places we most cherish. Asher's novel brims with wisdom and laughter, teaching us anew that hope resides in unexpected places: a charred box of beloved recipes, a troubled child's earthy wisdom, an ailing house in need of an artful hand, a mother who listens to a silent mountain, and a kiss that unlocks the puzzle of what forever truly means.'- Connie May Fowler, author of How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly and Before Women Had Wings

Author bio:

Bridget Asher is a high-powered neurotic with an anxious heart that sometimes kicks up unexpectedly like a lawnmower motor in her chest. Asher lives in Florida where she hopes she is being partially preserved by air conditioning and is married to a lovable, sweet man. They have multiple children who are high-strung like their mother and sweet like their father. This is Bridget's third novel, following My Husband's Sweetheart and The Pretend Wife. A novelist and a poet she is also an Associate Professor at the Florida State University's creative writing programme.

Category: Popular fiction
ISBN: 9781742376424
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: April 2011
Page Extent: 416
Format: Book
Subject: Popular fiction

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