We Are the New Romantics

Niven Govinden
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Racy, trashy, filthy and bitchy. The debut of the year is a hedonistic grand tour of Europe

Here's the deal.

Two kids bumming around Europe - Madrid, South of France, Paris. Looking for fun. Best mates. One cocky poof. One beautiful girl. Shags and scrapes. The girl is insecure, the boy rents his ass. They are dependent on each other. Boy falls for various Parisian troublemakers. Dodgy discos. Dangerous drugs. High-class shopping and low-class whoring. Friendship, love, loyalty tested.

Author bio:

Niven Govinden was born in Sussex in 1973. He spent three years in Goldsmith's making dodgy conceptual films in the name of Art. He now lives and works in London. His favourite colour is blue. This is his first novel.

Category: Popular fiction
ISBN: 9780747565932
Edition No: 1
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Imprint: Bloomsbury
Pub Date: June 2004
Page Extent: 224
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Popular fiction