General Books

Birds of Mongolia

Sundev Gambotaater Axel Braunlich

AUD $60.00

The first ever guide to the birds of Mongolia.

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Birds new to science

David Brewer

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $79.99

The story of the discovery of 250 bird species new to science since 1960

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Tear Gas

Anna Feigenbaum

AUD $27.99

The story of how a chemical weapon went from the battlefield to the streets.

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Dante Alighieri

AUD $9.99

Verse translation by prize-winning translator with facing Italian text

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Comparing Notes

Adam Ockelford

AUD $39.99

We are all instinctively musical. Why? And how does music work? Indeed, what is (or isn't) music? Adam Ockelford has the answers.

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Soldier, Spy

Victor Gregg and Rick Stroud

AUD $19.99

From the author of bestselling Rifleman, this is the final, fascinating part of the trilogy which tells the story of one ordinary man's extraordinary life

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Headline Britons 1921-1925

Peter Pugh

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $27.99

Headline Britons is a series of short books that paint a unique picture of British life in the 20th and 21st centuries by re-examining some of the country's most notable characters.

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Because We Are Bad

Lily Bailey

Format: Paperback

AUD $29.99

A vivid, darkly funny, moving and uplifting account of a young woman's struggle with OCD.

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Sports Biomechanics

Dr. Anthony J. Blazevich

AUD $49.99

Third edition of this highly accessible textbook on the basic concepts of biomechanics.

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