CANCELLED - H, The Diary of a Modern Warrior

Wes "H" Hennessey
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In the secretive world of Australian Special Forces, there are few who have not heard of H. But his reputation goes far wider than that. In the global Special Forces community, he is spoken of with respect and even reverence. Told in his own words, this is the extraordinary story of one of the finest and fiercest fighters Australian Special Forces has produced. It is the story of a highly trained killer who, in Afghanistan, experienced war as few other Australians have.

H joined the Army as a seventeen-year-old. He wasn't particularly good at school, but the one thing he knew he wanted to do was be a soldier - not just any soldier, but a Special Forces soldier. With singular focus, this is exactly what he became.

Selected into Special Forces, he was deployed to East Timor with Australian Commandos when the events of September 11 altered the world. Little did H know, these events would also significantly change his life and see him in some of the deadliest and most intimate fighting of modern times.

A counterterrorism expert, H was first deployed to Afghanistan in 2006. A remarkable series of circumstances soon saw him propelled to the very tip of the Coalition spearhead, working with highly secretive Tier 1 US Special Operations Forces.

In the icy mountains of the Hindu Kush, he hunted the remnants of Al-Qaeda with US Rangers. On night time raids with the famed Seal Team Six, he fought hand-to-hand combat against senior Taliban Commanders. He cheated death many times including on one terrifying occasion when his helicopter was shot from the sky. For his efforts rescuing fellow passengers H was awarded one of his two US Bronze Stars, received for truly unique battlefield skill and valour. He is also the recipient of an Australian Conspicuous Service Medal awarded by the Governor-General.

Now out of the Army, H will speak frankly about his life as a trained Special Forces killer. He'll spare little detail and hold nothing back. His will be a powerful, intelligent and searingly honest chronicle of a special Australian soldier.

Author bio:

H is a former special forces soldier and counterterrorism expert. He is no longer in the Army, and now works for an international risk management and security organisation.

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Pub Date: January 1950
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