Where do you think you're goin', lady?

Adventures of a sports-mad redhead

Debbie Spillane
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When it comes to sport, there's not too much that Debbie Spillane hasn't done or seen. Chock full of funny, fascinating and sometimes painful stories about sports, sports fans, sports people, sports officials and sports media. A great read for like-minded men and women!

If you accept my claim - implausible as it might seem to some - that I wasn't attracted to sport by the hope of seeing naked men, what was it that got me in? Well, originally it was Jaffas and soft drink.

Debbie grew up in a family where sport was king: from babyhood Debbie accompanied her father to their weekly religious attendance of the rugby league match of the day at the Sydney Cricket Ground; by primary school she was gleefully sharing her grandfather's obsession with horseracing; and in high school she became a qualified cricket umpire and acquired a rugby league coaching certificate. Did someone mention sports mad?

The 2GB Sports Talent Search kick-started her career as a sports journalist and just four months after this, she was on her way to the Los Angeles Olympics as a commentator for ABC radio. With funny and fascinating tales of sports media, athletes and officials, Debbie takes us behind the scenes at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and into individual sports - athletics, basketball, cricket and rugby league. Best known both as sideline reporter on ABC-TV's rugby league and for her role as Sportsbitch in the iconic 'Live and Sweaty' where sports met comedy, here is a woman who knows her sport.

In this entertaining slice of life, irresistible to all sports-mad readers, Debbie shares an extraordinary range of incredible sporting moments. Where Do You Think You're Goin', Lady? is a book for anyone who's ever dreamed of picking up a microphone.

Author bio:

Hired as the ABC's first fulltime female sports broadcaster in 1984, Debbie Spillane has since had a career that's wandered between sport, comedy, music and news on both radio and television, including Triple J's 'Hard Coffee' program, ABC-TV's 'Live and Sweaty' and sideline reporter on ABC TV rugby league. She's also been media manager for the Bulldogs NRL team and the West Sydney Razorbacks National Basketball League team and was a sports columnist for the Sun-Herald for eight years. She currently works on ABC NewsRadio as a sport and occasional news presenter.

Category: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781741146622
Table Of Contents: 1 Waiting for Robbo

2 Pardon me, I'm shedding

Part One The freckled freak in the panama hat

3 The sporterers' apprentice

4 Certifiably sports mad

Part Two The years of living sweatily

5 Head in the media scrum

6 LA Confidence lull

7 Tales from the touchline, the tunnel and beyond

8 Sidelined

9 Exit strategies

10 Hoops hopes

11 Motherhood, mid-dawns, weekends and knights

12 The sport show with three secretaries'

13 Hard coffee and a saucer of milk (miaow!)

Part Three Gone to the dogs

14 A dog of a year

15 Moored and ill-Hughesed

16 Not-so-super friendly fire

17 The oasis that turned out to be a mirage

PART Four A Woman of the world and the web

18 Meantime, in the real world

19 Through the wrong end of the binoculars
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: May 2007
Page Extent: 228
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Subject: Autobiography: general