Fast Track Your Mortgage

Save thousands and live the life you want

Lorraine Graham
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How to fast track your mortgage in a sustainable way, and then invest your mortgage payment money to fund a comfortable retirement.

It's no secret that you can save thousands of dollars by paying off your mortgage faster. But which mortgages allow you to do this? And where do you find the extra money to make the additional repayments?

In this practical guide, Lorraine Graham takes you through the key steps to paying off your mortgage in a realistic timeframe. Lorraine explains the different types of mortgages available and shows how to calculate the one which best suits you.

This is not just a book about throwing everything you can spare into your mortgage, but a whole new way of managing your finances so your money works for you.

But it doesn't end there. Once you've paid off your mortgage, Lorraine shows you how you can use the money you saved to invest for a secure financial retirement - and ensure you enjoy the lifestyle you want.

An extra $45 a week on a loan of $100 000 could save you $50 000 and ten years of payments.

An extra $75 a week could allow you to pay off your loan in twelve years and retire with nearly a million dollars

Whether you are single, a young family buying your first home, or an older family with an established mortgage, this book will show you how you can save ten of thousands of dollars on your mortgage without compromising your lifestyle.

Author bio:

Lorraine Graham has used the methods in this book to pay off three mortgages. Now investing for the later half of her life, she looks forward to a financially secure retirement and lifestyle. She lives with her family in Perth.

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ISBN: 9781865088051
Table Of Contents: Introduction

Chapter 1 Choosing your mortgage

Chapter 2 Buying a home

Chapter 3 Fast-track your mortgage

Chapter 4 Managing money

Chapter 5 Finding the extra

Chapter 6 Life after mortgage



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Pub Date: August 2002
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