Leadership for the Disillusioned

Moving beyond myths and heroes to leading that liberates

Amanda Sinclair
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We expect our leaders to be superhuman, to provide all the answers and never fail. Amanda Sinclair offers an alternative and more realistic approach to leadership based on personal growth, drawing on Eastern philosophies.

Leadership for the Disillusioned is a true gem among the avalanche of books published each year on leadership. In a very different voice, Amanda Sinclair provides us with deep insights in her search for a different type of leader she truly liberates us from the shadow side of the leader within.'

Professor Manfred Kets de Vries, Director, INSEAD Global Leadership Center

We expect our leaders to be assertive, confident, in control. Can they, and we, live up to this? Or should leadership instead be aimed at altogether different outcomes?

Amanda Sinclair, writer, professor at Australia's foremost Business School and yoga teacher, tackles these fundamental questions about leadership head on. She shows how our ideas about leadership have been captured by narrow interests and corporate templates. Challenging leadership assumptions and myths, she explores an approach to leading that is truly liberating for both leaders and those around them.

Leadership for the Disillusioned is not a guide to getting to the top: it will take you on a different journey. Sinclair draws on a wide set of social ideas, including Eastern philosophies, as well as personal encounters with exceptional leaders.

Leadership for the Disillusioned is for anyone who is looking for an alternative way to lead.

This is a marvellous book, one of the best I have ever read on leadership.Beautifully written, clear and concise, it is also personal, experiential and empowering.'

Professor David Collinson, Lancaster University Management School

At long last, Amanda Sinclair blows open leadership myths?this book is a must for all of us who want leadership to be about liberation and freedom.'

Rhonda Galbally, CEO, www.ourcommunity.com.au

Amanda brings a philosophical skepticism to much academic writing about leadership.she has produced a book marked by honesty and self-examination.'

Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne

Author bio:

Amanda Sinclair is Foundation Professor of Management Diversity and Change at Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne. She is the author of several books on gender and leadership, including Trials at the Top (1994) and Doing Leadership Differently (1998), and co-author of a book on leadership and diversity, New Faces of Leadership (2002). She consults to organisations and senior management teams, is a regular contributor to the business press, and also teaches yoga. A mother of four, Amanda is interested in leadership that promotes wellbeing and growth.

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ISBN: 9781741751000
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INTRODUCTION: Leadership for liberation

PART I: What's wrong with leadership?

1 The seduction of leadership

2 What's wrong with ideas about leadership?

3 Teaching and learning about leadership

PART II: Practices of Liberating Leadership

4 Going back

5 Working with power

6 Bringing bodies into leadership

7 Breath and mindfulness

PART III: Going deeper

8 The identity work of leadership

9 Leading with spirit

10 Less-ego leadership




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Pub Date: March 2007
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