Strategic Sport Marketing

David Shilbury, Hans Westerbeek, Shayne Quick, Daniel Funk and Adam Karg
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A fully revised edition of this widely used introduction to sport marketing by leading educators. With international examples it remains the most comprehensive and well-informed reference for students and sport marketing professionals.

Sport now has to compete for the consumer dollar with a vast array of leisure activities online as well as offline. Successful sport marketing is the result of carefully structured planning, creativity and perseverance.

Integrating the unique characteristics of sport with traditional marketing theory, Strategic Sport Marketing presents a framework of strategic decision-making. The authors outline the diverse markets for sport: participants, sponsors, spectators and fans. International case studies and 'sportviews' selected from a wide range of sports and media illustrate the unique features of sport marketing.

Strategic Sport Marketing is a practical tool and theoretical guide to sport marketing internationally. The fourth edition of this widely used text is fully revised and updated. It includes new material on sports promotion, customer service and social media, as well as new case studies.

'A sport marketing text at the undergraduate level needs to engage both student and teacher. . . I believe Strategic Sport Marketing does this rather well.' - Sport Management Review

'. . . a comprehensive illustration of the integration of sport marketing theory with sport marketing practice.' - Journal of Sport Management

Author bio:

DAVID SHILBURY is the Foundation Professor of Sport Management at Deakin University and is the senior associate editor of the Journal of Sport Management and a former editor of Sport Management Review. HANS WESTERBEEK is Dean of the College of Sport and Exercise Science at Victoria University and author of more than ten books on sport business. SHAYNE QUICK is an Adjunct Professor at the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, and former President of the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand. DANIEL C. FUNK is Professor and Washburn Senior Research Fellow in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Temple University, USA. ADAM KARG is a Lecturer in Sport Management with the School of Management & Marketing at Deakin University.

Category: Business & Management
ISBN: 9781743314777
Edition No: 4th
Table Of Contents: Preface

About the authors


1 An overview of sport marketing


2 The strategic sport-marketing planning process

3 Understanding the sport consumer

4 Market research: Segmentation, target markets and positioning


6 Pricing strategies

7 The place of the sport facility

8 Customer satisfaction and service quality

9 The sport promotion mix

10 Advertising

11 Sport and television

12 Sport and new media

13 How to attract and implement sponsorship

14 Measuring the effectiveness of sponsorship

15 Public relations

16 Promotional licensing


17 Coordinating and controlling marketing strategy


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Pub Date: February 2014
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