Thick Face Black Heart

Chin-Ning Chu
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Thriving and succeeding in everyday life and work using the ancient wisdom of the East. The book shows how to liberate the power hidden within us all.

Thick Face Black Heart is already a bestseller in Asia and the United States. In this transforming book the world's foremost expert on the Asian business mind, Chin-Ning Chu, shows us how to liberate the power hidden within us all.

In a guide that goes beyond Sun Tzu's Art of War she shows you how to:

. Find your inner warrior and conquer all in your path

. Dare to succeed by cultivating the courage to fail

. Transform your negative qualities to your advantage

. Use the art of deception without comprmising your values to win the deal you want

. Unchain your killer instinct in the service of a life-affirming cause

. Claim your natural right to wealth and success

Thick Face Black Heart is the wisdom of the soul. Being true to the law of nature in our daily encounters fulfils the highest potential within and around us.

Thick face is a shield. A thick-faced person has the ability to put self-doubt aside. They refuse to accept the limitations that others put on them or the limitations we impose on ourselves. Black heart is a spear. It will place you beyond human manipulation, beyond the petty standards of human judgement.

'Thick Face Black Heart could become the Think and Grow Rich of the 1990s.'

- Success

Author bio:

Chin-Ning Chu is the president of Asian Marketing Consultants, Inc, Executive Director of RIM Master Group, and co-founder and chairperson of the Strategic Learning Institute, an educational corporation. She is an international lecturer, corporate trainer, consultant, and author of several books, including The Asian Mind Game.

Category: Business & Management
ISBN: 9781863738569
Table Of Contents: Acknowledgments

To the reader


1 The essence of thick face, black heart

2 Preparation for thick face, black heart:

Eleven principles of unlearning

3 Dharma: The wish-fulfilling tree

4 Dharma and destiny

5 Winning through negative thinking

6 The magical power of endurance

7 The mystery of money

8 Deception without deceit

9 Sixteen noble attributes of work

10 The advantage of playing the fool

11 Thriving among the cunning and ruthless

12 Acquiring the killer instinct

13 Thick face, black heart leadership

14 Thick within, black within

15 Paths to thick face, black heart

16 How a piranha eats the shark


Appendix: Thick black theory

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: February 1995
Page Extent: 384
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Business & management