Beyond White Guilt

The real challenge for black-white relations in Australia

Sarah Maddison
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A deeply provocative call for white Australians to take personal responsibility for the ongoing impact of colonisation on Aboriginal Australians. Sarah Maddison's bold and original take on the running sore of black-white relations offers a genuinely constructive alternative when so many other approaches have failed.

'This book lays out the way modern Australia can right the wrongs that have occurred in the intervening years, and decades, and centuries that have passed since that first dramatic encounter.' - From the foreword by The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG

'An excellent diagnosis of Australia's mind-set.' - Jeff McMullen journalist, author, film maker

Deep in our hearts, Australians know that our nation was built on land that does not belong to us. Some of us now assert that Aboriginal people should simply take advantage of opportunities offered by white society. But many others feel guilt, often turning this guilt inwards, feeling helpless in the face of the appalling conditions in which many of the original inhabitants of this country now live. Successive government policies of obliteration, assimilation, cultural maintenance and intervention have manifestly failed to bridge the gulf between black and white Australians, and to improve the lives of many Aboriginal Australians. Efforts at reconciliation have stalled. In many ways, we are stuck.

Sarah Maddison argues that there is no point in looking again to governments for a solution to these challenges. Rather, it is up to us, all of us. We need to acknowledge our collective responsibility, change at a deep level, and develop a revitalised view of our national self. Only then will we develop policies and practical solutions that work.

Author bio:

Sarah Maddison is an Associate Professor in the Indigenous Policy and Dialogue Research Unit at the University of NSW, and author of several books including Black Politics.

Category: Current Affairs & Politics
ISBN: 9781742373287
Table Of Contents: Acknowledgements

Introduction: Australia's original sin

1 The long colonial shadow: Guilt, nationalism and the morality of genocide

2 History and identity: What we lose by denying our past

3 Intervention and redemption: Conquering the rights agenda

4 Not just empty vessels: Moving beyond moral ambivalence

5 Referendum, reconciliation and apology

6 Unsettling ourselves

Epilogue: Beyond white guilt


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Pub Date: June 2011
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