The most spectacular fraud in Australian history

Gerard Ryle
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The scandalous tale of one of the greatest business scams in Australian business history - the controversial fuel pill, Firepower.

A magic pill that cuts fuel consumption and reduces emissions that was the miracle promised by Tim Johnston's company, Firepower.

Everyone believed him; prime ministers and presidents, doctors and diplomats, business leaders and sporting heroes - even ASIC the corporate watchdog - went along with the myth. Millions of shares were sold to investors, and by 2007, Firepower had become the biggest sporting sponsor in the country.

But it was all a sham. In this compelling account, Gerard Ryle demolishes the fairytale, exposing a wobbly financial pyramid and the greatest fraud ever committed in Australia's history.

Tim Johnston divided his people into Oranges and Lemons. Those who did't know him enough yet, he called Oranges. They thought he was nice and sweet and juicy. But those who really got to know him became Lemons: he left them bitter and twisted'

Author bio:

Gerard Ryle is one of Australia's most decorated investigative reporters. He has been internationally recognised for his work on everything from financial and medical scandals to police corruption. Gerard emigrated from his native Ireland in 1988, working at The Age's Insight team before going on to found the investigative team at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Category: Current Affairs & Politics
ISBN: 9781741753554
Awards: Short-listed Blake Dawson Prize for Business Literature 2009 AU; Short-listed Walkley Non-Fiction Book Award 2009 AU
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Pub Date: May 2009
Page Extent: 304
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