Poisoned Planet

How constant exposure to man-made chemicals is putting your life at risk

Julian Cribb
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From morning to night, we are surrounded by man-made chemicals, most of them untested, many of them toxic. It's the price we pay for convenient, cheap products. The effects on our health are just now becoming known. In this wake up call for all consumers, Julian Cribb argues that we cannot rely on governments or industry to clean up the mess: it's up to us to repair our poisoned planet.

We want things to be cheap, convenient and useful. Our food arrives contaminated with pesticides and wastes, wrapped in plastic made of hormone-disrupting chemicals. We bathe and dress our children in petrochemicals. Even our coffee contains miniscule traces of arsenic, cup by cup adding to the toxins accumulating in our bodies.

Man-made chemicals are creating a silent epidemic. Our children are sicker; cancer, obesity, allergies and mental health issues are on the rise in adults; and, frighteningly, we may be less intelligent than previous generations.

A poisoned planet is the price we pay for our lifestyle, but Julian Cribb shows we have the tools to clean it up and create a healthier, safer future for us all.

'If you care about your children, read this book.' - Paul R. Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies, Stanford University

'We have used the biosphere - air, water and soil - as a dump for toxic compounds as if somehow we can remain healthy on an unhealthy planet. It is a tragic illusion as Julian Cribb's Poisoned Planet so urgently warns us.' - David Suzuki, environmentalist and author

'How could one species poison an entire planet, from the poles to the stratosphere and down to the ocean floor? In this meticulously researched yet highly readable book Julian Cribb tells us how it happened, and what we might do about it.' - Clive Hamilton, author of Requiem for a Species

Author bio:

Julian Cribb is a distinguished science writer with more than thirty awards for journalism. He was a newspaper editor, founder of the influential ScienceAlert website and author of eight books, including The Coming Famine.

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ISBN: 9781760110468
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1 Chemical colossus

2 Poisoning a planet

3 Are you a contaminated site?

4 Diabolic cocktail

5 Unseen risks

6 Sick society

7 Getting away with murder

8 Clean up society

9 Clean up the earth

Postscript: A cautionary tale from deep time



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Pub Date: May 2014
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