John Howard and the Remaking of Australia

Andrew Markus
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Racial issues have become disturbingly prominent in Australian public life over the last decade. Andrew Markus, a chronicler of Australian racism, explains why.

In recent years race has moved from the fringe and to centre stage.

The number of immigrants; the contest over Aboriginal land rights; the 'Asianisation' of Australia; the response to the Stolen Generations; the treatment of asylum-seekers; the fate of Reconciliation; international scrutiny of our human rights record: hardly a day passes without news stories prompted by current policies on these and other issues with a racial dimension.

Race has an old history in the making of the Australian nation but why has it now re-emerged with renewed vigour? How has race become so prominent? Who reaps the benefits? Will race continue to shape politics in the years ahead?

Race sets out to make sense of this issue's new and increasingly disturbing profile in public life.

Author bio:

Andrew Markus has researched and written about immigration and Aboriginal history for over fifteen years. Among his many books are The 1967 Referendum (with Bain Attwood), Australian Race Relations 1788-1993 and Governing Savages.

Category: Current Affairs & Politics
ISBN: 9781864488661
Awards: Short-listed NSW Premier's Literary Awards, Gleebooks Prize for Literary and Cultural Criticism 2002 AU; Short-listed NSW Premier's Literary Awards, Community Relations Commission Award 2002 AU
Table Of Contents: List of tables and figures




1. The racial imagination

2. Change in post-war Australia


3. The new conservatism and the naturalness of bigotry

4. John Howard, Leader of the Opposition, Prime Minister

5. The politics of paranoia

6. Pauline Hanson's One Nation


7. Interpretations

8. The role of chance in national life

Appendix 1 - Immigration intake

Appendix 2 - Confederate Action Party and One Nation polices compared

Appendix 3 - The electoral fortunes of One Nation


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Pub Date: April 2001
Page Extent: 288
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