The Victory

The inside story of the takeover of Australia

Pamela Williams
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The Victory will leave you stunned. Here the brutal realities of the political contest are revealed and long-cherished myths shattered.

In 1996 the political stakes had never been higher. For the Coalition, this was the final throw of the dice - a last ditch attempt to rescue the Liberal Party from the ruins after Hewson and Downer. For Labor, this was the opportunity to prove that its leadership of the nation did not rest on the electorate's rejection of the GST in 1993. For John Howard and Paul Keating, this was the concluding bout in a bitter struggle played out over two decades.

The result of exclusive access to the Liberal's campaign 'war room' and countless hours of confidential interviews with key players on both sides of the political contest, The Victory is the inside account of the demolition of 13 years of Labor dominance. It tracks the resurrection of the Liberal Party and reveals the depth of Labor's inner crisis.

Pamela Williams' detailed scrutiny of the inner workings of the 1996 election campaign shatters long-cherished political myths to reveal the brutal realities of today's politics. The picture she builds - of imperial courts and shadowy powerbrokers, pollsters and advertising agents, public and private duels - changes forever the way we think about Australian politics.

Author bio:

Pamela Williams is the former Editor-at-Large for The Australian Financial Review, where she wrote investigative stories across politics and the corporate world. She has won five Walkley awards including the Gold Walkley in 1998 for her coverage of the waterfront dispute. She has won the Graham Perkin Journalist of the Year award, the George Munster award, a Melbourne Press Club Quill award, the Melbourne Press Club/Trawalla Arts Journalism award, and the Citigroup Journalism Award. Her book Killing Fairfaix (HarperCollins, 2013) details the decline of the Fairfax media empire.

Category: Current Affairs & Politics
ISBN: 9781864484052
Table Of Contents: Acknowledgments


1 The Death of Downer

2 Keating's Court

3 The Liberal Machine

4 Bad Blood

5 The Counting House

6 The Western Divide

7 Friends Fall Out

8 The Policy Zone

9 It's Time

10 Go and Get a Job

11 A Question of Leadership

12 Debating the Odds

13 Captain Wacky

14 Closing the Gap

15 The Death of Keating

16 Dividing the Spoils


Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: July 1997
Page Extent: 384
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Subject: Social issues & processes