Food & Drink

Anthony Bourdain Omnibus: Kitchen Confidential & A Cook's Tour

Anthony Bourdain

AUD $29.95

Great value omnibus edition of Bourdain's two classic tales of food and cooking...and more!

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The Kitchen Hand

Anthony Telford

Format: Paperback

AUD $26.99

This is your guide to the global kitchen. A collection of handy hints, a dictionary of weird and wonderful foodstuffs, and a reference book, all in one.

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Da Silvano Cookbook

Silvano Marchetto

AUD $49.95

A beautiful and refreshingly useable cookbook from legendary restaurateur Silvano Marchetto, the owner and chef of the 25 year old institution Da Silvano.

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Chocolate Therapy

Murray Langham

Format: Paperback

AUD $14.99

Did you know that chocolate holds the key to your personality? The shape you prefer, your choice of centre, whether you like milk, white or dark chocolate, what you do with the wrapper - all these reveal details about yourself.

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Leith's Indian and Sri Lankan Cookery

Priya Wickramasinghe

AUD $38.95

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Illustrated Winespeak

Ronald Searle

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $29.99

For all those mystified by the strange pontifications of wine-buffs, Ronald Searle's The Illustrated Winespeak is the perfect guide to the meaning behind 'distinctive nose', 'full bodied' and 'elegant but lacks backbone'.

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