Doing it Down Under

The sexual lives of Australians

Juliet Richters and Chris Rissel
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Find out if your sex life is normal or what your neighbours are up to! Based on the results from the largest and most accurate survey of its kind, this book uncovers the sexual lives and habits of Australians at the start of the 21st century.

Ever wanted to know how your sex life compares with other people's?

19,307 brave Australians have shared their most intimate experiences with a team of intrepid researchers, to bring us the most comprehensive survey ever of our sexual lives and habits.

Slip between the sheets (or onto the coffee table, back seat of the Torana or into the office stationery cupboard) and find out what it is that Australians really get up to, how often and with whom. Full of naughty numbers and saucy statistics, Doing it Down Under is the modern-day update on the sex lives of Australians, for the sexually active, the sexually curious and even those who are not getting any.

* How old are people when they lose their virginity?

* Do couples or single people have more sex?

* As a nation, are we happy with the sex we have?

* Are more women going solo' in the 21st century?

* Who pays for sex, and who with?

* Is your partner cheating on you?

* Do men and women think differently about sex?

For the answers to all these questions and many more, take a peek inside the bedrooms of your neighbours, friends and relatives. Find out what's hot, what's not and what's just plain kinky.

Doing it Down Under not only gives us a fascinating peek into the sex lives of Australian men and women today, but also highlights how much our sexual attitudes and behaviours have changed over recent decades. This timely insight into what makes Aussies tick in bed will intrigue every reader, whether their interest in sex is professional, personal or both!

Dr Rosie King, sex therapist

Author bio:

Juliet Richters has worked in sex research and education for over 20 years. She worked on one of Australia's earliest HIV/AIDS prevention research studies, the Condom Project, which included a world first - a study to measure men's erect penises to check appropriate condom sizes. She has lectured and published on health, gender and sexuality and now works for the National Centre in HIV Social Research.

Chris Rissel has worked in all aspects of health promotion research and practice, which has included a focus on sexual health over the last 10 years. He lectures on a variety of technical and advocacy issues and is a prolific writer.

Category: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781741143263
Table Of Contents: Acknowledgments


1 First times

2 What people do

3 How often

4 How many partners

5 Attitudes towards sex

6 Fun for one

7 Kinky stuff

8 Gay and straight

9 Domestic bliss

10 Is your partner cheating on you?

11 Getting pregnant

12 Not getting pregnant

13 Sexual difficulties

14 Sexual assault

15 Paying for sex

16 Sexually transmitted infections and safe sex

17 Sex in Australia

18 References and further reading

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: February 2005
Page Extent: 208
Format: Paperback
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Health & personal development