Everything You Need to Know: Bird Flu

John Farndon
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A Bird Flu pandemic is inevitable - so we are told. First identified in China, this apparently merciless virus which originated in chickens supposedly has the potential to mutate and kill thousands, even millions, of people. But how accurate is this picture? Is it a panic created by the media? Or a genuine threat we should protect ourselves against immediately - and how can we do this? What exactly is it and what do terms like 'mutate' actually mean?

John Farndon answers these questions and also investigates

- the history of pandemics - and how this one might be different

- the last great flu outbreak - the Spanish flu of 1919

- what a virus is and how it spreads

- how antiviral drugs and vaccines work

- how the statistics of death rates are worked out

- what the government's emergency plans are.

- and much more.

Whether you are worried about the implications of bird flu for you and your family, or you are simply interested in learn more than what you see and read in the media, this book is for you.

Author bio:

John Farndon lives in London and is the author of many popular reference books on a wide range of topics. He has written for publishers including Penguin, Dorling Kindersley, Heinemann, Hodder and Thames & Hudson.

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ISBN: 9781840467499
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Pub Date: April 2006
Page Extent: 128
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