Remembering Well

How memory works and what to do when it doesn't

Delys Sargeant and Anne Unkenstein
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A compact, friendly book that informs, reassures and gives practical guidance to people who think they are losing their memory; to people who are losing their memory; and to those who care for them as well.

Winner, Australasian Journal on Aging Book Award 1999

How does memory change as we grow older, and what can we do about it? This is the question at the heart of Remembering Well. Drawing on many people's experiences, the book

- explains how memory works and what factors affect it - like hearing and stress.

- explores what is part of normal memory change over the years and what is not.

- and presents strategies for managing these changes well.

This second edition, revised and updated, now includes two additional new chapters: (1) challenges at work and in learning, (2) latest information and reassuring practical advice on memory illnesses such as Alzheimer's.

Author bio:

Delys Sargeant OA was previously head of the Social Biology Resources Centre at Melbourne University and in the 1980s a weekly commentator on 'Life + Relationships' on Ramona Koval's national radio program. Now she is president of the Council on the Ageing (Vic), and vice-president of COTA nationally, and is an adviser to several governments and agencies concerned with older Australians, women's health, public health etc.

Anne Unkenstein is a clinical neuropsychologist specialising in memory loss and consults at the Cognitive, Demetia and Memory Service, Melbourne Extended Care and Rehabilitation Service, Parkville Melbourne. She is also in private practice, is an academic associate of the School of Behavioural Sciences, Department of Psychology at the University of Melbourne, and a community educator and regular guest speaker for the Council on the Ageing.

Category: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781865085838
Edition No: 2nd
Awards: Winner, Australasian Journal on Aging Book Award 1999 0
Table Of Contents: Introduction

1 How memory works

2 How memory changes as we get older

3 What else affects remembering? - health, attitude, lifestyle

4 Could it be Alzheimer's...?

5 Some useful memory strategies

6 Changes in someone else's memory: what can we do?

7 Towards a memory-friendly community


What to read and where to go

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Pub Date: September 2001
Page Extent: 184
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