The Experts' Weight Loss Guide

For doctors, health professionals..and all those serious about their health

Garry Egger and Andrew Binns
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This is not only an authoritative guide for experts put together by experts, but is also thoroughly accessible for the lay person interested in improving and maintaining their good health.

Obesity is rapidly becoming on of this nation's biggest health problems, with up to 2 in 3 patients presenting to general practice with overweight or obesity as a factor influencing their health.

This should be a major concern, but so far obesity has not received much medical attention, due in part to the fact that many doctors do not feel comfortable in treating obesity. Now, however, the World Health Organisation has acknowledged obesity as a chronic disease and guidelines for its treatment are being developed all over the world. Experts can agree on the basic principles of treatment, but local cultures and conditions demand that programs be developed at community and national levels.

Written and reviewed by doctors for doctors, The Experts' Weight Loss Guide reviews all available literature in the field and will prove an invaluable resource for health professionals and interested laypersons dealing with overweight.

Dr Garry Egger is an Adjunct Professor of Health Sciences at Deakin University and the originator and Scientific Director of the GutBusters men's 'waist loss' program. He was part of the Australian Government's Strategy Development Team for 'Acting on Australia's Weight' and is the author of the National Guidelines for Physical Activity and National Clinical Guidelines for Weight Control and Obesity Management for the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH+MRC). Dr Egger is also an advisor in obesity to other governments and the World Health Organisation.

Dr Andrew Binns is a General Practitioner from Lismore in New South Wales and is the Executive Director of the Northern Rivers Division of General Practice and the medical editor of GPSpeak, a regional medical magazine. He has a special interest in GP management of obesity and its metabolic and mechanical complications, as well as the evidence-based health benefits of exercise. He runs GutBusters courses at his surgery and also collaborates with the School of Exercise Science and Sports Management at Southern Cross University in managing patients with obesity and the metabolic syndrome.

Author bio:

Garry Egger is Director of the Centre for Health Promotion and Research in Sydney and Adjunct Professor of Health Sciences at Deaking University. He has been involved in health promotion for over 27 years and is the author of more than 20 books and numerous scientific articles.

Dr Andrew Binns is a medical practitioner in General Practice in Lismore, NSW. He is also the Executive Director of the Northern Rivers Division of General Practice. His particular area of expertise is the management and etaching of obesity to doctors.

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Table Of Contents: Introduction


Extent of the problem

The health burden

Assessing obesity

Causes of weight gain

Critical periods for weight gain

(i) Childhood

(ii) Adolescence

(iii) Pregnancy

(iv) Menopause

(v) Other

Measuring diet and exercise


Management of overweight and obesity

(i) General

(ii) Energy intake

(iii) Energy expenditure

(iv) Behaviour change

(v) Other psychological issues

(vi) Prescribed medications

(vii) Low calorie and very low calorie diets

Dealing with childhood obesity

Treatment for associated conditions

Stress and weight control

Weight-loss maintenance

Ineffective and unproven treatments


Recommendations for Clinical Consultations on Obesity and Overweight

A. The first consultation

B. The second consultation

C. Third and subsequent consulta
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Pub Date: October 2001
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