The Other Fact of Life

Taking Control of Menopause

Robyn Craven and Lily Stojanovska
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The latest medical research on menopause, and an insight into the experience of some extraordinary Australian women.

In The Other Fact of Life, some of Australia's most dynamic women reveal their experience of menopause, alongside accessible up-to-date medical advice from the experts.

The authors, physiologist Associate Professor Lilian Stojanowska and women's health specialist Dr Robyn Craven, use interviews with well-known Australian women as a starting point to explore every aspect of what women experience at menopause. Both leading researchers in this area, they take a thorough look at the key health issues for women - from medical detail to more general health concerns and the social experience of menopause. The resulting guide gives vital information on symptoms and treatments, covering hormonal and mood changes, sexuality, and all the latest on Hormone Replacement Therapy, alternative therapies and dietary advice.

This medical information is enlivened by the personal stories of well-known women including Stephanie Alexander, Jeanne Pratt, Ita Buttrose, Joan Kirner and many more. Questioned about the challenges and triumphs of menopause, and the techniques they use to manage it, these women present a remarkable range of stories and experiences.

An insight into the lives of some extraordinary Australian women and an indispensable medical guide, The Other Fact of Life is a powerful new book.

Author bio:

Robyn Craven is Medical Director at Freemasons Women's Health and Breast Clinics, Senior Lecturer at Monash University's Department of General Practice and Consultant at the Osteoporosis Clinic, Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Lily Stojanovska is Associate Professor at Victoria University where her activities include supervising master and doctorate students in the areas of menopause and diabetes. Her science background has given her a wide knowledge in the area of human physiology and nutrition while her masters and doctoral training have provided her with specific understanding of various disease-related conditions.

Category: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781865085500
Table Of Contents: Introduction

Part One: The Women's Stories

Ita Buttrose

Stephanie Alexander

Joan Kirner

Lilian Frank

Shiela Scotter

Jeanne Pratt

Jennie George

Elaine Canty

Tonia Todman

Jan Wade

Diana Abruzzi

Sue Carr

Jannie Tay

Sue Walker

Fay Marles

Nancy Millis

Barbara Champion

Loreto Davey

Part Two: The Medical Story


Well-being across cultures

Mood changes

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Alternative therapies and supplements


The breast


Cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women


Exercise - why do it?

Food for thought

Common problems and questions


Alzheimer's disease

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: September 2001
Page Extent: 280
Format: Paperback - C format
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Women's health