Yes Means Yes

Getting explicit about heterosex

Kath Albury
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An accessible and entertaining book which takes a long, hard look at sexual pleasure and the specific nature of straight women's heterosexuality.

Yes Means Yes explores female sexuality from a cultural studies perspective. It argues that the so-called mass media are streets ahead of theory in terms of recognition of women's diverse desires and pleasures. Both pyschoanalytic and sexological writing assume that a woman who actively wants or seeks out sex, particularly 'bad' or slutty sex, is in some way unfeminine, or masculine. In other words, she identifies more with men than women. Surprisingly, this assumption is reproduced in feminist writing, which sees a sexually active woman either as 'duped' by her male object of desire, or as 'colluding with the oppressor'.

Queer theory and writing have been very generous in providing frameworks for re-thinking heterosexuality. In approaching heterosex as represented in 'normal' popular culture, Kath Albury aims to open up some new ground, where heterosexual women can explore their sexuality's pleasures and dangers.

Author bio:

Kath Albury is a freelance writer/researcher/broadcaster, specialising in sexuality and popular culture. She is also known as 'Nurse Nancy', drag diva Vanessa Wagner's favorite comedic sexpert. Kath is currently completing a PhD in Media and Communications at the University of NSW. Her academic research has been presented at a number of local and international conferences, including the University of California's 1998 World Pornography Conference.

Category: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781865082400
Table Of Contents: Introduction

Experts and sexperts

Straight feminism

Fun with fetishes and Freud

Sex and violence

Faking it

Amateurs, homies and DIY porn

Seminal thoughts

Back door action

Getting to yes - compulsory heterosexuality to ethical hetero-sex

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: February 2002
Page Extent: 228
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Health & personal development

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