Great Stories from History for Every Day of the Year (Compact Edition)

W.B. Marsh and Bruce Carrick
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A fantastically browsable historical encyclopedia in which every day of the year has a story to tell.

Every day of the year has a story to tell. Who was assassinated, acceded to the throne, fled from their country? Who was born, began an affair, was impeached, disgraced or knighted? What nation was born, what army defeated in the face of great odds, what era-defining book published?

Whether it is major political events like the Boston Tea Party (16 December), or incredible discoveries like that of Tutankhamen's tomb (4 November), every event in history happened - of course - on one of 365 days.

365: Great Stories from History for Every Day of the Year is a fantastically browsable historical encyclopaedia, mapping the highs and lows of human existence throughout the year. W.B. Marsh and Bruce Carrick have often deliberately picked stories to surprise - the day Rommel, the Desert Fox, committed suicide, the Duchess of Richmond's ball three days before the Battle of Waterloo, attended by the Duke of Wellington and immortalised in Vanity Fair, Nelson joining the Navy at the age of twelve, and many more. Each day is packed with historical facts and sometimes brief, often more lengthy, stories from a dizzying array of subjects.

Author bio:

W.B. Marsh was born and has lived in New York, as well as Paris, Milan, Helsinki, Madrid, London, Tokyo, Vienna and Brussels. On his birthday - 26 October - the legendary 'Gunfight at the OK Corral' took place at Tombstone, Arizona, in 1881. Bruce Carrick has worked in book publishing for many years in New York and London, at Scribners, Doubleday, Macmillan and elsewhere. On his birthday in 1897 Marcel Proust had a duel with fellow writer Jean Lorrain.

Category: History
ISBN: 9781840466751
Publisher: Icon Books
Imprint: Icon
Pub Date: November 2005
Page Extent: 528
Format: Book
Subject: General & world history

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