A Very Rude Awakening

The night the Japanese midget subs came to Sydney Harbour

Peter Grose
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In May of 1942, the war seemed very far away to most Sydneysiders - until the night the three Japanese midget submarines crept into the harbour and caused an unforgettable night of mayhem, high farce, chaos and courage. A ground-breaking look at one of the most extraordinary stories of Australia at war.

'Peter Grose has a natural ability to tell a good yarn and the story of the Japanese subs that slid into Sydney Harbour in 1942 is about as good as any Aussie yarn can get . . . a great retelling of a great story.'
The Sydney Morning Herald

On the night of 31 May 1942, Sydney was doing what it does best: partying. The theatres, restaurants, dance halls, illegal gambling dens, clubs and brothels offered plenty of choice to roistering sailors, soldiers and airmen on leave in Australia's most glamorous city. The war seemed far away. Newspapers devoted more pages to horse racing than to Hitler.

That Sunday night the party came to a shattering halt when three Japanese midget submarines crept into the harbour, past eight electronic indicator loops, past six patrolling Royal Australian Navy ships, and past an anti-submarine net stretched across the inner harbour entrance. Their arrival triggered a night of mayhem, courage, chaos and high farce which left 27 sailors dead and a city bewildered. The war, it seemed, was no longer confined to distant desert and jungle. It was right here at Australia's front door.

Written at the pace of a thriller and based on new first person accounts and previously unpublished official documents, A Very Rude Awakening is a ground-breaking and myth-busting look at one of the most extraordinary stories ever told of Australia at war.

Author bio:

Peter Grose is a former publisher at Secker + Warburg, founder of Curtis Brown Australia, and was until recently the chairman of ACP (UK). He is the author of An Awkward Truth published by Allen + Unwin in 2009.

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1 There's a War On

2 England Expects

3 Running Wild

4 Rather Peculiar Instructions

5 Day of Attack Shall be Notified

6 Day of Attack Shall be 31 May 31

7 Come back Alive

8 The Net

9 All Hell Breaks Loose

10 Me with Black Beards

11 Sudden Death

12 Matsuo's Turn

13 Examining the Wreckage

14 No Reference Whatsoever

15 Has Everybody Seen a Submarine?

16 Caught Napping

17 The Night Watchman's Tale

18 The Admiral's Report

19 Final Rest

Appendix 1 - Genuine Seller

Appendix II - Other Gentlemen's Mail

Appendix II - Whatever Happened to

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Pub Date: April 2018
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