Sherlock Holmes Escape Room Puzzles

Solve the Interactive Cases

James Hamer-Morton
AUD $27.99

The book includes a full story-line and 'rooms' containing a complex series of puzzles that must be solved to move on to the next part of the case. Contains three different levels of hints to help guide you through the rooms.

Join the world's greatest fictional detective as you use your own powers of deduction and observation to break out of, or into, a series of rooms by solving challenging cases and macabre mysteries. Become Sherlock's long-time companion Doctor John Watson and puzzle your way through Victorian England as you come across familiar friends, and foes, to help and hinder you.

Written by an experienced escape room creator, Sherlock Holmes Escape Room Puzzles can be enjoyed either on your own or played as a group. The story spans from the well-known 221B Baker Street, across the dark and dangerous streets of Victorian London... and beyond. There are a wide variety of puzzle types, including both traditional puzzles on the page and more interactive puzzles that may involve paper-crafting.

Author bio:

James Hamer-Morton is the co-founder of Deadlocked Rooms and has created a number of physical escape rooms in the United Kingdom. He is the author of Escape Room Puzzles (Carlton, 2018).

Category: Hobbies, Quizzes & Games
ISBN: 9781787393943
Table Of Contents: A series of themed rooms are presented for the reader to attempt to 'escape' from. Each contains a number of puzzles that all need to be solved, as well as interactive elements and artworks to provide an engaging experience for the escapee to puzzle their way out of. Hints in three different difficulty levels and solutions are included.
Publisher: Welbeck
Imprint: Welbeck
Pub Date: January 2021
Page Extent: 224
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Hobbies, quizzes & games