Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits

Carol Mack, Dinah Mack
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The original guide on how to spot and identify demons and other subversive spirits and what to do next!

Demons, fairies and fallen angels are everywhere. They lurk at crossroads, crouch behind doors, hide in trees, slip into beds, wait in caves, hover at weddings and childbirths, disguise themselves as friends and relatives and even pretend to be you! They are powerful; they are protean; they are enchanting. And, to the uninformed, they are often invisible.

This illustrated guide the first of its kind reveals the remarkable permutations of the demon and fairy species worldwide. Packed with lore about each demon, detailing its origins, the culture surrounding it, and its reputed antics and exploits, this is a fascinating exploration of global mythologies. Perfect for the armchair traveller and the intrepid, seasoned demon-spotter alike, this complete guide of subversive spirits offers a behind-the-scenes look at the devilish mishaps, impish irritations and demonic devastations that can punctuate our lives.

Be warned: demon-watching is thrilling, transforming and even addictive. Soon A Field guide to Demons will become absolutely indispensable in every household!

Author bio:

Carol Mack is an award-winning playwright with a longtime interest in comparative mythology and a recent master's degree in religious studies

Dinah Mack, a writer, earned her bachelor's degree in religious studies and her master's in cultural anthropology. Both live in New York City.

Category: Humour & Gift
ISBN: 9781846681394
Edition No: 1
Publisher: Profile Books
Imprint: Profile Trade
Pub Date: December 2008
Page Extent: 288
Format: Book
Subject: Gift books

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