Little Theories of Life

Peter FitzSimons
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In a cornucopia of theories, conundrums and fascinating morsels, the irrepressible Peter FitzSimons seeks to resolve the BIG issues: Why do men fall asleep after sex? Why is it that nuns always drive brown Toranas? What do hemlines have to do with the state of the economy?

Why does the dominant partner in any sexual relationship usually sleep on the side of the bed nearest the door? Is there a direct relationship between the length of hemlines and the state of the national economy? Are odd numbers evil? And why do drivers with hats drive 40 kilometres per hour slower than those without?

These are the big questions of life, and it takes a brave man to tackle them. The Italian versus Australian theory of traffic lights; who gets the spare armrest between aeroplane seats; why men fall asleep after love-making . . . In this updated edition of the best-selling Little Theories of Life, author, broadcaster and columnist Peter FitzSimons is your ideal guide to the weird world of the popular theory, the urban myth, and the land of 'did you know . . .?'.

Author bio:

Peter FitzSimons is the bestselling author of over twenty books and is a much-loved columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun Herald. He is an ex-Wallaby, a television presenter and a regular contributor to the International Herald Tribune and The Daily Telegraph in London.

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Pub Date: December 2011
Page Extent: 192
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