Pardon Me for Mentioning . . .

Unpublished letters to The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald

Edited by Alex Kaplan, Julie Lewis and Catharine Munro
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Showcasing the unpublished Letters to the Editor from The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, this book is a hilarious compilation of the odd, the politically incorrect and the just plain kooky.

Writers of letters to The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald are poets, dreamers and provocateurs. The overwhelming majority is in search of a better world, even if some disguise their aspiration in a sheath that is crackling dry. They are possessed of good sense and a wicked sense of humour. No topic is off limits.

Yet hundreds of offerings bite the dust every day. Some are too late. Too vulgar. Too confessional. Some writers are victims of their own success and are at risk of overexposure. Others don't meet the Herald's stringent verification rules. Others are delightfully (but unprintably) kooky. All are kept.

From Tony Abbott's dress-ups to Julia Gillard's karate chop, Judith Lucy's sex life and the perils of proposing to your pet, the vault is opened and our writers' wit, insight and imagination are unleashed.

Author bio:

Alex Kaplan has been an Age journalist for twelve years, working mainly on the news and business desks. She dearly wishes she had lived in Paris, New York or Rome, but has spent most of her life in Melbourne, where, as a Letters editor, she has still been able to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the world. Alex lives in Melbourne with her family.

Julie Lewis has been a journalist for twenty years. She grew up in Wollongong and has lived and worked in Moscow, Russia and Washington DC. She has co-edited the Letters page of The Sydney Morning Herald for two years. She lives in Sydney with her husband and daughter. She has never written a Letter to the Editor but is an admirer of those who do.

Catharine Munro reported for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun Herald and The Age after starting as a cadet at Australian Associated Press in 1994. She spent long periods based in Darwin, Dili, Denpasar and Jakarta as the correspondent for AAP. Editing the Letters page in 2011 and 2012 revealed that the Herald's best writers are often volunteers. She lives in Sydney with her family.

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ISBN: 9781742379432
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Fairfax (A&U)
Pub Date: October 2013
Page Extent: 208
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