Sartre's Sink

The Great Writers' Complete Book of DIY

Mark Crick
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Learn how to seal a bath with Goethe, replace a window pane with a voyeuristic Milan Kundera and hang wallpaper under the watchful eye of Ernest Hemingway.

For too long DIY books have suffered the neglect of the literary Establishment. Finally, here in one volume, are the essential DIY tips of the world's greatest writers. Dostoyevsky tells of a young man employed by an elderly lady to retile her bathroom; Caesar puts up a shelf for his rebellious tribe of adolescenti; the existentialist hero of the Sartre pastiche is both disgusted and nauseated to discover in a blocked sink the revelation of his own condition. We also learn how to repair a dripping tap under Conrad's eyes, replace a window pane with a voyeuristic Milan Kundera, and hang wallpaper under the watchful eye of Mark Twain. Other handy hints include how to: replace a roof tile; remedy a squeaking floor board; remove a carpet stain and bleed a radiator, by writers, including Bronte, Shakespeare, Haruki Murakami, Elfriede Jelinek, and Hunter S. Thompson. As in Kafka's Soup, each piece is illustrated by a famous artist, including da Vinci, Hokusai and Rembrandt.

Author bio:

Mark Crick is a photographer and the author of Kafka's Soup. He lives in London.

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ISBN: 9781847080479
Edition No: 1
Publisher: Granta
Imprint: Granta
Pub Date: November 2008
Page Extent: 98
Format: Book
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Subject: Humour