Genealogy for Gardeners

Plant families explained and explored

Simon Maughan
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A unique guide to the genealogical relationships between plant families.

Most of us think of plants as belonging to one big family, but they don't. There are actually hundreds of different plant families, which botanists have grouped together using what they know of their family histories and genealogy, to bring some sense and order to more than quarter of million different plant species. Using this knowledge, we can teach ourselves to see similarities of characteristics between plants and get a pretty good idea of which family they belong to.

Genealogy for Gardeners presents the enormous diversity shown by the many families of plants in a way that is easy to understand, whether one's interest lies in natural history or with horticulture. The superb illustrations make it exceptionally attractive and accessible book.

Information boxes highlight interesting facts, unexpected relationships, botanical curiosities, and notable members of plant family groups. Readers can make sense of the enormous biological diversity of the plant kingdom, by piecing together family likenesses and genealogical connections.

Author bio:

Since being inspired by some of the world's leading botanists while studying Plant Science at the University of Edinburgh, Simon Maughan has spent over 25 years furthering his knowledge and developing a love of practical gardening and plants.

He was employed in 1995 to work on the A-Z of Garden Plants and to date has worked on many dozens of gardening books, covering all aspects of the subject from species rhododendrons to garden design. He has worked as an editor and publisher for the Royal Horticultural Society for over twelve years, and is the author of Botany for Gardeners.

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Pub Date: September 2017
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