Literature & literary studies

National Fictions

Graeme Turner

Format: Paperback

AUD $27.99

National Fictions is a study of Australian literature and film. It is also a study of Australian culture, viewing the novels and films as products of a specific culture; as narratives with similar structures, functions, forms and meanings. It covers a range of texts, offering both close analysis and an account of their place within the system of meanings dominant in Australian culture.

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Vivian Mercier

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $35.99

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A Question of Commitment

Susan McKernan

Format: Paperback

AUD $35.00

A Question of Commitment examines the attitudes of writers as diverse as James McAuley, Frank Hardy, Judith Wright, Patrick White and A. D. Hope as they responded to changes in postwar Australian society. Susan McKernan's lively exploration contextualises and explains the creative choices these writers made, and introduces wider intellectual and cultural issues which remain relevant today.

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