The Turkish story

Kevin Fewster, Vecihi Basarin and Hatice Basarin
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The story of the Gallipoli campaign focussing on the Turkish perspective. Includes interviews with Turkish migrants to Australia and their children about their thoughts on Gallipoli and Australia.

Gallipoli occupies a special place in the national memory of Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. For the British, French, Indians and Germans, the Gallipoli campaign is remembered as just another name in a long, tragic list of World War I battles. For Turks, Australians and New Zealanders it is something apart; a significant event in the self-development of their individual nations. As such, the battles have not been allowed to fade in people s memories.

Almost every Australian and New Zealander has heard the story of the Anzacs at Gallipoli, yet most wouldn t recognise the battle by its Turkish name, the Battle of Canakkale, or recognise the battle as an invasion of foreign land. In fact very few Australians and New Zealanders are familiar with the battle beyond the experiences of our own soldiers. But what of the victors the Ottoman armies who fought with great bravery and distinction at Gallipoli? Gallipoli: The Turkish Story portrays the view from the Turkish side of the trenches, and in doing so paints a richer portrait of the past and broadens our knowledge and understanding of this tragic event.

When Alec Campbell, the last surviving soldier from Gallipoli, passed away in 2002, his death was mourned by Australians and Turks alike. In the last decade or so Turks and Australians have seemingly buried their enmity and now see Gallipoli as a unique bond between two nations a central element upon which their friendship is bound. This bond has encouraged a growth of respect and interest in each other s countries and cultures which is increasing rather than diminishing as time passes.

Author bio:

DR KEVIN FEWSTER has been researching World War I for more than 25 years and taught history at the University of NSW, Royal Military College, Duntroon. He is the editor of Gallipoli Correspondent: the frontline diary of C.E.W. Bean, and is now the Director of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2001.

VECIHI BASARIN is a Chemical Engineer who has lived and worked in various countries, including Turkey, Norway, USA, Brazil, Germany and the UK. He is currently retired after working in the private and public sectors in the offshore oil and gas, industry assistance, petroleum, petrochemical, investment attraction, tourism and environmental protection related fields.

HATICE BASARIN is a town planner who came to Australia in 1979. After receiving a Master of Urban Planning degree from the University of Melbourne, she has worked as a policy and research officer on land use planning, local government and public housing issues.

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A Note on Terminology

Glossary of Place Names

Pronunciation of the Turkish alphabet

Turkish/Ottoman History

Brief Chronology


Chapter 1 '...a special bond'

Chapter 2 '...a proud heritage'

Chapter 3 '...defending the homeland'

Chapter 4 '...the breath of decay'

Chapter 5 '...then may I never witness a defeat'

Chapter 6 '...your sons and daughters have become our sons and daughters'



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Pub Date: April 2003
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