Quinn's Post

Anzac, Gallipoli

Peter Stanley
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A very personal account of the experiences and emotions of the Anzac and British soldiers who fought at Quinn's Post, the place that was central to their defence at Gallipoli and which saw some of the most extreme fighting of the Gallipoli campaign.

For the entire Anzac campaign, Quinn's Post was central to the defence of the positions at Gallipoli. Its loss would have opened the way to a Turkish assault on the heart of the Anzac areas.

It is one of the most evocative names at Gallipoli along with Anzac Cove, Lone Pine and the Nek. Yet we know very little more about Quinn's than we did in 1924. No one, since the publication of Bean's first two volumes, has studied the significance of the post of what it was like to serve there.

Delving into the history of Quinn's as a key part of the Anzac line, this book illuminates what it was like to live, fight and die there for a succession of Australian, New Zealand and British units. It tells the story of Quinn's, drawing substantially on the words of those who served there. Peter Stanley concentrates on the dramatic first months of the campaign, but also devotes attention to the New Zealand period (June-July), to the underground war and to the forgotten months in the autumn and winter when the 17th Battalion held the post, exposing some aspects for the first time.

Author bio:

Peter Stanley is a Senior Historian at The Australian War Memorial where he has worked since 1980. He has published widely on Australian and British military history and wrote Tarakan (Allen + Unwin 1997).

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ISBN: 9781741143324
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Prologue Tuggeranong Homestead, 1922

Introduction 'Key of the Anzac position'

1 'The fatal power of a young enthusiasm': the men of 1914 and the Dardanelles

2 'The most critical position': the creation of Quinn's post

3 'The defence of Anzac': holding Quinn's in May

4 'Some uneasiness at Quinn's': two attacks and a truce

5 'The Turks break into Quinn's': Climax on 29 May

6 'Several minor operations': the New Zealand sorties in June

7 'If he had had roses . . .': the transformation of Quinn's

8 'No turning and no escape': mid-summer at Quinn's

9 'Men devoted to die': the August offensive

10 'Serious offensive action underground': autumn at Anzac

11 'Hillsides abandoned to the enemy': the evacuation of Anzac

12 'Anzac now belonged to the past': looking back on Quinn's Post

'An unbroken stillness': Quinn's t
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