The Brotherhood of Airmen

The men and women of the RAAF in action, 1914-today

David Wilson
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A complete history of the Royal Australian Air Force in action - written for anyone with an interest in aviation, the air force, or aircraft in general.

In 1915 the Australian Flying Corps, the predecessor of the Royal Australian Air Force had its first combat operations in Mesopotamia. In 2002 the RAAF was again operating in that same area where Lieutenant Merz was the first Australian airman fatality in 1915.

During the intervening years men and women of the RAAF have served over the sands of the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, the skies of Europe and the fetid jungles of New Guinea and Asia. They have served with distinction and bravery in all the major theatres and campaigns of both world wars, and in Korea, Viet Nam and Iraq.

This book is a tribute to those men and women of the RAAF.

Author bio:

David Wilson was formerly the executive officer in the historical records department of the RAAF. He has a number of arts/history degrees culminating in a PhD. He has written five books on the RAAF and his job for the past few years has been promoting the RAAF to the general public.

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ISBN: 9781741143331
Table Of Contents: Dedication

1 Genesis

2 Building the tradition

3 Pioneering flights and nation building, 1921-39

4 The call of Empire

5 Pyramids to Pagodas

6 The battles of the Rising Suns

7 Confronting communism

8 Peacekeeping, United Nations and national commitments

9 Nascent nations and terrorists

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Pub Date: July 2005
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