The Face of Naval Battle

The human experience of modern war at sea

Edited by John Reeve David Stevens
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This book examines how the human involvement in naval warfare has developed over the 20th Century and how it is likely to evolve over the first part of the 21st Century.

Naval history is sometimes criticised for concentrating on the technical side of operations at the expense of the human. The Face of Naval Battle breaks new ground in that for the first time the authors closely examine the individual and group experience of maritime warfare in the twentieth century. What is it that makes naval battle different from combat in the air or on the ground? What is the future of maritime warfare?

Ranging from lively accounts of individual acts of heroism through to critical studies of the problems of command at sea, The Face of Naval Battle highlights the multi-dimensional nature of maritime warfare. Drawing on the latest research from around the world, many hitherto ignored aspects of war at sea are brought to light and placed in the context of the broader human experience of conflict.

Illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of naval, military and strategic affairs, as well as to the general reader.

Author bio:

David Stevens retired from the Royal Australian Navy in 1994 after having served on many Australian ships and the Australian contingent to the Gulf War in 1990-91. He is now the Director of Naval Historical Studies in the Maritime Studies Programme, the author of U-Boat Far From Home and the editor of Maritime Power in the Twentieth Century, The Royal Australian Navy in World War II, In Search of A Maritime Strategy, and Southern Trident.

John Reeve is a graduate of Melbourne and Cambridge universities and is now a senior lecturer at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

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1 Introduction: an anatomy of the face of naval battle John Reeve

2 Operational command at sea Andrew Gordon


3 Western advisors and Chinese sailors in the 1894-95 Sino-Japanese War Bruce Elleman

4 The commander in crisis: Graf Spee and the German East Asian Cruiser Squadron in 1914 Peter Overlack

5 Sailors and seaborne soldiers in the defence of Australia, 1914-2001 Russell Parkin

6 The treatment of casualties from the Sydney-Emden action Michael Dowsett

7 The aircraft carrier: the experience of its conception, procurement and operation David Hobbs

8 The Second World War, Korea and Vietnam: a personal perspective on naval warfare Guy Griffiths

9 Aboard HMAS Hobart in the Java Sea area in 1942 Gordon Johnson

10 'The Gunner': J.E. Macdonn
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