The Royal Australian Navy in World War II

Edited by David Stevens
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The definitive account of the part the Royal Australian Navy played in the Second World War.

With new material provided by leading naval historians from Australia and overseas, this revised edition of The Royal Australian Navy in World War II more fully examines the part the Royal Australian Navy played throughout six years of global conflict. Drawing on recently released official documents and the latest scholarly research, new light is shed on the vital importance of Australia's role in maritime campaigns in every theatre.

The coverage ranges from the exploits of individual ships and men to the broad issues of strategy and naval policy. In lively accounts of operations ranging from the Atlantic through the Mediterranean and to the Pacific, both the triumphs and tragedies of war at sea are critically considered. The home front, too, is not neglected and the essential contributions of women and industry are analysed in detail.

Illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs, The Royal Australian Navy in World War II goes far towards encapsulating Australia's naval war in one volume.

Author bio:

A former naval officer, David Stevens is a graduate of the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University, and is currently Director of Strategic and Historical Studies within the Sea Power Centre - Australia. He has written and edited several books on maritime strategy and naval history.

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1 Australian naval policy 1939-45 - James Goldrick 1

2 'Send for a naval officer': HMAS Adelaide at Noumea in 1940 - David Stevens 21

3 The Royal Australian Navy in the Mediterranean - Eric Grove 37

4 The Scrap Iron Flotilla 1940-41: A personal account - Bill Reeve 51

5 HMAS Sydney in World War II - Peter Hore 65

6 Australians in midget submarines Ray Worledge - 85

7 The Pacific war: A strategic overview - Jozef Straczek 97

8 Forging an alliance? The American naval commitmentto the South Pacific 1940-42 - Ian Cowman 111

9 The contribution of industry to Navy's war in the Pacific - Chris Clark 125

10 Savo in retrospect - Bruce Loxton 139

11 South-West Pacific Sea Frontiers: Sea power in the Australian context - David Stevens 149

12 Touching on Fairmiles - Marsden Hordern 163

13 The RAN Hydrographic Branch 1942-45 -
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