Tunnel Rats vs the Taliban

How Aussie sappers led the way in the war on terror

Jimmy Thomson and Sandy MacGregor
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The extraordinary story of Australian sappers on the frontlines of the war in Afghanistan.

They were young, they were tough and they were everywhere. They were both the backyard builders and the frontline troops in Australia's war against the Taliban.

This is the powerful story of the sappers, the Army engineers in Afghanistan whose raw courage and skills were inspired by the original Australian Tunnel Rats of the war in Vietnam. These Tunnel Rats of Afghanistan have rooted out the enemy from deep inside their caves and mountain hideouts, have defused thousands of improvised explosive devices (the booby traps and landmines of this most recent of wars), built bridges and schools to win a war of hearts and minds, and fought side by side with special forces commandos and SAS troops. They, too, lost a disproportionate number of their comrades and many returned home with the devastating baggage of war, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Inspiring and action packed, this is the story of a special breed of soldier operating in a modern war against an enemy with medieval morals . . . and bombs triggered by mobile phones. It is a story that connects the unsung heroes of Vietnam with the modern heroes of Afghanistan.

Author bio:

JIMMY THOMSON is a journalist, author and screenwriter. He is the author of Snitch, Watto and Wendell Sailor: Crossing the line, and co-wrote Tunnel Rats and A Sappers' War with Sandy MacGregor. As a young captain SANDY MACGREGOR, a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon, commanded the original Tunnel Rats of 3 Field Troop in Vietnam and was awarded the Military Cross. He served in the Army for 30 years, finishing as a colonel in the Reserves.

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ISBN: 9781760294168
Table Of Contents: Maps of Afghanistan and Uruzgan province

List of abbreviations and acronyms

Foreword by Major General John Cantwell AO, DSC (Ret'd)

Prologue: The Tunnel Rat legacy

Introduction: Sappers in Afghanistan

1: Operation Salaam

2: The rise of the Taliban

3: Hunting bin Laden

4: Follow the sapper

5: Live . . . move . . . fight

6: Backyard Blitz

7: Moving on

8: Special ops and local cops

9: On patrol with special forces

10: Under fire

11: Holding ground

12: Taking on a tech killer

13: The horror of war

14: Clear, hold, build

15: All change

16: Front-line females

17: Heavy duties

18: The dogs of war

19: The 'good' war

20: Hard yards and Hescos

21: Life and death with special forces

22: Moving targets

23: Into Helmand

24: Building relationships

25: The Day of the Well

26: 21st-century Tunnel Rats

27: Fatal attraction

28: Trainers and turncoats

29: Wounded warriors

30: Was it worth it?

Afterword: Beating the retreat



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Pub Date: August 2016
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