U-Boat Far From Home

David Stevens
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The most comprehensive account of Germany's plans for an underwater offensive against the southern continent in World War II.

In late 1944, with its U-boats defeated in the Atlantic, the German navy sought new areas in which to deploy - distant waters where defences might be weaker and successes easier to achieve. Australia was one such location. U-Boat Far From Home reveals for the first time the full extent of the German plan for an underwater offensive against the southern continent. In an account that is both entertaining and enlightening, David Stevens describes the operation's strategic rationale, its practical implementation and how the Australians and their allies responded. Of all the U-boats allocated to the mission, U 862 was the only one that managed to survive.

But this story is more than pure operational history. U-Boat Far From Home takes the reader into the confined and dangerous world of a submarine at war. David Stevens examines the stresses and motivations of a young crew who for months at a time maintained a twilight existence, and whose fate ultimately depended on the ability of just one man, their captain, Heinrich Timm.

Painstakingly researched in archives around the world and illuminated with many personal accounts form both sides, U-Boat Far From Home is perhaps the most comprehensive accoutn of a U-boat's life ever published in English.

Author bio:

David Stevens is a former naval officer who served for twenty years in the Royal Australian Navy. On retiring from the RAN in 1994 he was appointed Director of Naval Historical Studies within the Department of Defence (Navy).

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ISBN: 9781864482676
Table Of Contents: Illustrations, maps, diagrams and tables


Table of equivalents

German, British and American rank equivalents



1 Unterseeboot 862

2 Kapitanleutnant Heinrich Timm

3 Die U-Boot-Fahrer

4 Group Monsun

5 Erste Feindfahrt

6 Paukenschlag

7 Flieger! Flieger!

8 Penang und Shonan

9 Die Australien Operation

10 U 537 und U 196

11 Zweite Feindfahrt

12 Sechte Kriegsweinacht

13 Neuseeland

14 SS Peter Silvester

15 Lubeck


Appendix 1: U 862

Appendix 2: German U-boats allocated to the Far East



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Pub Date: March 1997
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