The Moon Seems Upside Down

Edited by Jim Mitchell

Format: Paperback

AUD $27.99

The Moon Seems Upside Down is a story of love and war told through the letters of Arthur Alan Mitchell, who served with the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion and later suffered as a prisoner of war on the Burma Railroad. The letters provide a unique insight into what the Second World War was like for Australian soldiers, and for the people who waited for them back home.

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A Harvest of Fear

John Murphy

Format: Paperback

AUD $35.00

The Australian intervention in Vietnam remains Australia's longest and most contentious war. The war and its echoes are powerfully evoked in John Murphy's beautifully crafted story.

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Last Stop Nagasaki!

Hugh Clarke

Format: Paperback

AUD $17.99

This is the remarkable story of Australian prisoners of war who survived the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. There were 24 Australian POWs in a camp less than 2 kilometres from the epicentre of the blast, and 2 other Australians were imprisoned in a camp 8 kilometres away. How they came to be there, endured their imprisonment, and survived a nuclear attack, is the inspiring story told in this book.

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